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 Hikes, Bikes, and Waterfalls


  • Always check with the main office before venturing out, return by sunset, and let us know that you are back.

  • If you are not steady on your feet or have mobility issues, please tell us.

  • Please travel with a buddy. 

  • Bikes require helmets; wear closed shoes and socks for walks (ticks in summer).

  • We are blessed with wildlife, so please give them and yourself plenty of space. 


The Trail

Near the entrance gates you will find the trail head. The trail leads down toward the river and then when you reach the open field you just turn back around and exit at the entrance. The trail is on the rough side with exposed roots, rocks, occasional down branches and often wetter than you expect. There are some benches near the field.

Our Bikes

The bike room is on the first floor of  the guest house across from the hermitage. We have bikes and helmets to choose from. The roads around us are not very busy but cars do come up quickly and they are not expecting cyclists. Bike lanes are minimal. Stay aware and to the side. 

The Waterfall

When we are very quiet we can sometimes hear it! It is not on our property or easily accessible, so this journey should be considered challenging. Exit the driveway closest to the pool. Cross the road to the guardrail and walk down, south, toward the sound. Hug the rail as there is no bike/walk lane. When you get to the bridge, the waterfall is beneath you. Cross to the river side and continue walking around the bend to get a better view. Again, stay aware and to the side. 

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